The world was being torn apart as Chain Die’struct, a marraenoloth who escaped his ferryman duties to take up the mantle of wizard assassin for hire who on his journeys with a group of misfits he soon called friends helped him kill the god Rallaster of razors and torture. Chain ascended to godly hood and his “friends” soon after. He became god chains(includes weapons, armor and the golems), torture, cheating, gambling, greed and assassins. Being that he was a mortal and a demon to start he saw things different then the other gods who were always there and thus caused many fights. With his order established his greed now amplified by his godliness he soon set his most powerful of priests and mages to each of the Planes to begin a ritual like none other. He would sap some of the energy from each plane into a tablet which would then create his own universe where he would be the only god to rule every plane, only his most trusted followers would become demi-gods to make sure his power was absolute. Of course the Gods of Good and Law set after him and thus a Gods War of a universal scale begin. Chain was not alone he sought after the Gods of Evil and Chaos making deals with them to help him. Of course evil is evil and so many deals were made and alliances were made. Vecna, Wee Jas and Nerull became quick allies, Hextor and Gruumsh enjoyed the same ideals. Chain himself called on the Demon Lords of the Abyss and the Archdukes of the Hells to fight for him. Asmodeus was promised by Chain to become a full god. A deal with Tiamat was made as well to include dragons as the main bulk of this vile army.

With his army now created Chain begins the ritual himself as the main caster and focus point, gates begin shimmering into existence as the mages and priest in the many planes begin a casting the would sap some of the energy and being absorbed and casted through Chain. With his army around the massive continent size castle the Gods did battle. Chain to busy with his casting wasn’t able to use his omnipresence to notice that the main generals of his army being the gods, demon lords and archdukes withdrawing little by little. Evil always being cowards, soon his attention was gained when a holy elven arrow fired by Ssy’rax Silverarrow a mortal who become a god of archery, marksmanship, precision and wood elves had failed to pierce Chains magical barrier. His attention became split and soon his curses began flying. Withdrawing all his forces into the castle and begin to defend from within. Ssy’rax was again aiming for the heart of the castle, that being the tablet. Pelor was the first god to begin channeling his holy energy into the mortal made god, others soon followed. The arrow was shot and flew fast and steady. A massive eruption blew apart the castle shattering the tablet. A silence filled the material plane that no sound could pierce. Seconds later a boom that even deafened the gods shook every plane to its very core. The magical essence of each plane stored was escaping at once. Chain began to slip and fade from existence his followers one by one winked out of sight. Chain cursing loudly lashed his arm out as it grew and became a chain whip flew and wrapped around the eleven gods waist and was pulling him. “If I die I’m taking you with me pansy elf!” Chain roared and Ssy’rax vanished, his followers like Chain were gone.
Chain’s vision swam as his body and his essence was being ripped apart, pulled and stretched like nothing anyone should ever have to go through. colors and patterns were moving through him and around a planet like a halo. Its magical nature called to the wizard side of his former humanity. Then a voice of a women. Chain blacked out. When we awoke he was standing in a massive room with white marble floors and columns supporting a decaying roof. and past the wall-less room was an expanding plane that not even his eyes could see past. He soon noticed and felt two others in this room. One was Ssy’rax in his typical tall elven form, long silver hair flowing down and tied in the middle, wearing yellow and black robes tied tightly around his frame. The other was a man in some sort of fall eastern robes with many rich purples, blue and gold trim, atop his head was small yet tall hat and he was fanning his form with a black feathered fan. A rumble began as a dark black cloud rolled in with purple pulsing veins like lightning took up most of the court type room. Then others began to slowly appear from no where.
“Lord Ao you have summoned me” Helm God of Guardians stated in his form of a tall broad human male wearing silver fullplate armor his symbol on his back.
“Who are they” Talos God of Destruction boomed his hand outstretched ready to attack.
“Calm down Talos! I believe there are or were gods who have traveled here somehow” Mystra Goddess of Magic stated standing in front of the three new comers shielding them from Talos obvious attack.
Enough a voice echoed in the heads of all the gods present.
Start your attentions here
The three could tell this cloud was speaking. His power was made known and each of them trembled. Even the other gods fell quiet and dare not speak. All except one. A god in blackplate armor a hand clutching down on his front. He had muttered something. Helm gave Bane the God of Tyrants a look. Chain was the first to speak.
“I am Chain Die’struct a god from it seems another place and wait a second? Why do i feel weak?! what is this! restore my divinity now!” he yelled shaking his fist, his empty eye sockets glowing red obvious trying to strike fear in the assembled gods.
“Watch your tongue when speaking to Lord Ao lesser mortal” Helm said drawing a sword from nowhere
Good Helm silence and allow them to speak
So Chain began his tale with every now and then making rude comments to Ssy’rax and once began a fight that Helm and Tempus God of War to stop.
And what of that fellow who stands beside you. You have yet mentioned him
both the demon and elf turned and finally noticed this human with scales. The man stepped forward still fanning himself
“My name is Illidian Battleplaner. I do not know from where these fools came from but I can willing to this new universe. I grew tired and bored with the taunting of Paladine and Takhisis. That world was boring to begin with so I took some power from a few gods and thus ended here”
The black cloud seemed to fold within itself and pulse as if talking with someone or something. Then soon spoke.
Very well Chain, Ssy’rax and Illidian you shall be made gods here in Faerun. Know that your power will stem from your followers and so as they lose faith you will vanish and your duties will be taken by the others. The Balance will remain stable within this which I rule. Your duties will be followed with most watched eyes. Begin stating your duties from the worlds you which resided from.
Chain once again was first to speak, of course backhanding the elf to floor and placing his boot on his head to keep the pansy from speaking.
“I am God chains which include weapons, armor and the creature. Ive taken up cheating, greed, gambling, assassins, shadows, torture and stealing.”
Ssy’rax grabbed the demons leg and tossed him hard onto the marble floor with a loud crack followerd by a series of moans and curses.
“I Ssy’rax Silverarrow was God of archery, marksmanship, the bow and arrows and precision. I also took to being the main god of the wood elves. my worship was not only elf but all mortals who wield the bow and arrow against the evils that plague the Planes”
Chain laughed and rose prepairing to strike when scale man pushed passed both of them as if they were his servants. This notion angered both the demon and elf and for the briefest of seconds they were allies.
“I in Krynn was the God of tactics, stratgey, ambushes, spies and traps during with or without warfare” fanning himself off shrugging aside the angry glances at his back.
Once when these three stated their duties from their own worlds the gods who clashed begin to appear if not already there and begin yelling.
Silence! Ao yelled once again bringing the gods attention to him
Chain your duty of assassins is shared with Lolth although she be from Drow Pantheon many other races worship her giving her residence in this Pantheon. Your duty of shadows in shared with Mask and is God of Thievery and thus stealing share the same meaning. Describe how you will make this a difference
Chain growled deep. “Thievery can be looked at like a sport to see who can grasp the greater riches or items. As well thievery is a skill that takes great sound of mind to over come the traps that guard over it. Stealing is not that. all who pickpocket from passerby give thanks to me, all who steal an item from a shop and run call my name.”
Mask do you agree
The sneaky thief god not wanting to lose another duty spoke and agreed that stealer’s are lowest of low while thief are professionals. The comment made Chain growl and clench his fist.
Your duty of torture is shared by Loviatar. Your duty if Greed is shared by Tiamat much like Lolth she is part of this Pantheon. You may have cheating, gambling, stealing and chains. If your truly desire the others yourself Lolth, Mask and Loviatar must merge or be defeated.
“I have no attention with merging with any of you or picking a fight with dragons for now ill pass on greed So I’m guessing this will be a fight. A most interesting fight. I’m sure Lolth you remember me so let us do this fight over a game of Sava.”
Lolth only smiled placing her ebony finger on her lips. Mask narrowed his eyes and mumbled something, Loviatar idly shook with delight with making these three gods suffer.
“Let the stakes be this. If I win the duties I share with you be given to me. If I lose then my power be divided into three and given to each of you. It shall be an awkward game of you three verses me.”
Mask gasped at the accusation of working with these two, Loviatar nodded in agreement she would put use her two allies and save herself. Lolth was the only to speak.
“If you are certain of this weak willed one. Then it shall be. Know that the pieces we play with will not be simple looking figurine but our own followers. If you dont like that then back out of this and consider it a forfeit and that means losing.”
Chain’s skeleton face rose upward to form a smile. Perfect, he thought, Without knowing this simpleminded fool was made it easier. All I have to do is pit them against each other which shouldn’t be hard since they are all like me…evil to the core.
Chain could feel the spark of divinity into his being and yelled in pure delight.
Down in the Realms his followers of mixed races who winked back in for the briefest of moments no longer felt their god, then seconds later felt him once more. “My minions I am back and although weaker in power I need you more then ever. Begin working towards the creation of our order here in this place. Spread my word!” The god echoed in the minds of all his people.
“Now let us begin this battle”
With that Chain, Lolth, Mask and Loviatar opened portals to the playing grounds Lolth had set up.
Ssy’rax your duty of archery is shared with the elven goddess Solonor Thelandira.
“Oh Great Lord Ao! a moment please I have no attention of joining the Elven Pantheon. As you can sense I have many followers and would prefer to remain here.”
Ao not used to be interrupted pulsed brighter with rage but quelled it easier with the elf response.
Understand Ssy’rax that if you reject the Elven Pantheon you will not be welcomed there and so if your mortal followers dwindle you can not choose to make a home elsewhere to prevent your death.
“I understand and agree to the terms.”
The elf screamed out in surprise as his divinity was also restored to him. He like Chain issued the same order and went off to make his home within the Planes.
Illidian Battleplanner your duty of strategy and tactics is shared with Red Knight. Your duty of War is shared with Tempus and Garagos.
Closing his eyes and letting out a simple sigh as if annoyed with the arrogance of the room.
“I am not god of war. I was stating that I was god of tactics within warfare and out of warfare where those dull mortals could apply it to the use of games such as chess. I have no use being a god of war. However I will be taking those duties from you mi’lady no hard feelings but I being your better will have em. Let us decide who is the better with a battle of the wits.”
The Red Knight drew her sword and pointed to the human looking god. “Agreed.”
The two vanished to begin their fight. Tempus frowned at how this battle would be a needless bloodshed war with no honor, while Garagos merely smiled was greatly pleased with this.
With three new deities added to Faerun Pantheon its time to begin another era.

New Comers to Faerun